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The Journal of Innovation Management

The Journal of Innovation Management is a scientific and research publication that has been released since 2012 in the field of innovation management studies under the supervision of the Iranian Technology Management Association. The utmost purpose of journal are planned as to promote and develop the culture for innovation management, aiding to promote the level of research and accelerating the intellectual flow and producing and disseminating science in this field, and providing a platform for the exchange of experiments and the publication of the most recent scientific achievements in the field of innovation management at the international level. Certificate of Scientific and Research Validity of the publication has been donated by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology on April, 2012. This publication welcomes all the scientific articles that result from a scientific research (especially systematic qualitative research) in various fields related to innovation management area. Referrals to update sources, systematic review of the literature in a way that provide and cover a range of issues related to the topic is of paramount importance for the Journal. Also, providing the appropriate analysis and achieving new results and innovative results is given priority in the submission of the manuscript.