Peer Review Process

The process of accepting manuscripts in the Journal of Innovation Management

The journal is committed to the highest standards of peer review. After submitting the manuscript by the author (s) in the journal management system, the manuscript will be primarily studied based on publishing experts. (Please study carefully the guide for authors to expedite set up the manuscript as precise as codification guidelines in the system and then submit it). If it is accepted in the first stage, the manuscript will be assessed by the editor-in-chief.

Upon receipt of the manuscript, the corresponding author is notified and will receive the number under which the manuscript has been registered, as well as the name and e-mail address of the scientific editor who will handle it. From this point onwards, authors should communicate with the editor-in-chief only about the progress of the reviewing process. The manuscript will be sent to at least two referees and a reply may be expected at the earliest four weeks after submission. Manuscripts can be accepted, with minor or major revision, or rejected. If the decision is ‘revision’, the authors are requested to take the remarks of the referees and editors into account. A second reviewing process can follow. Upon final acceptance, the authors provide a final version of the manuscript inappropriate file formats (not a pdf) (text as WORD doc. and tables as Excell file) and send these to the editor-in-chief.