Aims and Scope


  1. Timely publication of   new research findings on innovation management.
  2. Achieving a level of quality approved by Scientific Institutions   (ISCs/ISI).
  3. Developing of an interactive (virtual and real) network between   scholars and researchers in the fields of innovation management and   university-industry communication at the national and international levels.
  4. Creating a good context to present new ideas in managing   innovation and developing them through the publication of researchers' works.
  5. Helping to promote the level of research and accelerating the   intellectual flow and production and dissemination of science in the field of   innovation management.
  6. Transferring and   exchanging new scientific knowledge and achievements internationally in order   to provide researchers with the right conditions to use the most up-to-date   scientific research and theories in the field of innovation management.
  7. Promoting and developing innovation management culture.
  8. Strengthening the appropriate scientific infrastructure to   enhance the knowledge of innovation management through:
  •   Facilitate, transfer   and exchange the experiences and experiences of researchers and experts;
  •   Provide accurate   information;
  •   Planning and   explaining policies along with the logical presentation of views.