1.      Evaluation of innovation and its indicators.

2.      Ecosystem and culture of innovation (obstacles, challenges and opportunities)

          i.      Incentives and support for innovation,

         ii.      Barriers to innovation.

3.      Policymaking and management of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and their evaluation.

4.      Capacity and ability to innovate and learn.

5.      Management of innovative projects.

6.      Innovation models and processes

         i.      Product/technology commercialization,

        ii.      Development of new technology,

       iii.      New product, service and process development,

       iv.      creativity and innovation,

        v.      Trends and breakthroughs in technology supporting innovation,

       vi.      Legal infrastructure for the flourishing of innovation,

      vii.      Structures and processes supporting innovation,

     viii.      Management of human resources and innovative organization,

       ix.      Obsolescence of existing products and their replacement/renewal,

        x.      Open innovation and innovation networks.

7.      Innovation systems.

8.      Innovation, economy and wealth creation

         i.      Investing in innovation,

        ii.      Risk investment management.

9.      Strategic innovation and power creation.

10.  Innovation and knowledge management.